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In 1787, Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, and others marched out of St George Methodist Church in Philadelphia after an attempt to pull them from their knees while in prayer. The act was due to racism and discrimination.


This group of determined African American Christians formed the free African Society which later became the African Methodist Church. African — Inherited in love and memory on our fore parents, but open to all races Methodist — Order of worship and denomination by which we are classified Episcopal — How we are governed “An everyday religion-One that loves the duties of our common walk; one that makes an honest man; one that accomplishes an intellectual and moral growth in the subject, and that work in all weather, and improves all opportunities, will best and most healthy promote the growth of a church and the power of the Gospel”.


Horace Bushnell The plot of land which now holds Bethel in Cambridge, Maryland was purchased in 1847 for $125.00 from Thomas and Sarah Handy based on records in the Dorchester County Court House. A group of acting Trustees headed by Simon Brown negotiated the settlement for the sale on the property thus establishing a foundation for Bethel A.M.E. Church.


It was believed that Stephen E.W. Camper was the first person instrumental in having the framed house moved from Pine and Washington Street to the present location which now serves as the place of worship. Bethel A.M.E. Church has had a unique historical background. Its uniqueness can be attributed to the diversity of traits, which each minister brought over the years, yet sharing a common interest in the church's spiritual growth and development.

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The Reverend Randolph Fitchett JR.

First Lady Joyce Fitchett
623 Pine Street - Cambridge, MD 21613
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To God be the glory for the great things He has done, is doing and the plans He has for Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Cambridge, Maryland; The Cathedral on the Eastern Shore.


My heart is overflowing with appreciation because of you for visiting our website.   


Please know that you are essential as we move toward our theme ”The New And Improved Bethel; Retool, Rebuild, and Rejoice”.   As we juxtapose Bethel of the past and now, we realize the great foundation on which we stand.   God willing, we pledge to make our theme a reality here at Bethel.   Our faces shine, and our spirits shout with gratitude and appreciation for each of you. 


May our God keep and continue to bless and keep us in His loving care.

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